SCCS 2024 Workshop

Kookmin University Workshop

Special Communication & Convergence Services 2024 (SCCS 2024)

Hosted by Special Communication & Convergence Service Research Center (SCRC) of Kookmin University, Korea

The Special Communication & Convergence Service Research Center (SCRC) of Kookmin University is specialized in the researches of special communications and convergence services techniques related. For the latest, the SCRC focuses on the researches, such as, DL-ML-based channel selection mechanism in maritime and underwater communication / systems. Polar region communication is another research area of SCRC. The SCRC has tried to develop domestic and international standardization for underwater communication for the past years.

Non-terrestrial Networks (NTN) refers to wireless communication systems operated using satellites, high-altitude platforms, and drones on the Earth’s surface, as well as communication networks in areas other than the continent where people live, such as maritime, polar regions, and underwater area. In this workshop, research outlets in special communication and system fields of maritime, polar area, and underwater communication will be discussed.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

– AI-based Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN)
– NTN-TN connections
– Maritime communication and systems
– Underwater communication and systems
– Polar region Information Technology

Submission Deadline: 12.15.2023

Submission link: